Sunday, May 29, 2016

MARBELS by Ellen Fornay

An excellent bibliotherapy recource, beautifully rendered gingerly, with candid finesse and WGAF modesty. She loves herself because she can laugh at her self through her words; more than that, in the art that comes from a journaling experience as part of her rehab. Just the simple fact that she's talking about a subject with a stigma attached at the hip, and what, in the not too distant past might have resulted in being locked in a looney bin. We know so little about the working of the brain. And a few hundred years ago might have seen our antagonist toasted as a witch

Fortunately, Ellen Fornay had a good support group--she is an artist and her supportive mother is an MD --so she had lots of help in finding a satisfactory therapy. And she made it work for her. Good sales. Good press. Spreading the word.