Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Perhaps the most notable fact about this novel is that the author is 23 and says its the first of a 7 book series. Though not quite Harry Potter, the protagonist has a readable story.
I especially like the list at the front of the book that lists the varieties of occult/mystical mastery. Including:
     Aka Seers
          Aka cottabomancer/cryomancer/catoptromancer/axinomancer/bibliomancer/macharomancer/hydromancer/crystalist/cartomancer/cyathomancer/cleromancer/cleidomancer/astragalomancer/aichmomancer/acultomancer
     Aka automatiste/psychograpaher
     Aka gustant/sniffer/polyglot/whisperer
     Aka osteomancer/haematomancer/drymimancer/chiromancer/oculomancer/andropomancer/extispicist/rhabdomancer/pyromancer/halomancer/tasseographer/botamancer/theriomancer/spodomancer/capnomancer/libanomancer/anthomancer/sycomancer/dendromancer/daphnomancer
     Aka binder/summoner/necromancer/exorcist
     Aka sibyl/unreadable/beserker
     Aka dreamwalker/oracle

Categories that would certainly rival True Blood for coopting the occult should HBO decide to run another series in the same vein (pun intended.)

If this is indeed the first of 7, characters will likely flesh out nicely and readers will have a chance to evolve along with our heroine as she saves the world from narrow minds.