Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Poetry psychotherapy in SF bay area

"In a therapeutic environment, the trained facilitator addresses the healing elements of poetry: form and shape, metaphor, metamessage, the words chosen, and the sounds of the words together (alliteration and assonance). These elements, in association with each other, carry the weight of many feelings and messages at once, creating a link from the secret internal world to external reality, from the unconscious to the conscious.
Because a poem has a border, a frame, or structure, as opposed to prose, the form itself is a safety net. Strong emotions will not run off the page. A poetry therapist might ask his/her clients to draw a box in the center of the paper and write the words inside. Metamessage implies the ability to carry several messages in one line that “strike at deeper levels of awareness than overt messages” (Murphy, 69). Through the capacity to convey multi-messages, clients are able to experience merging as well as individuation/separation."

"Gregory Orr talks about “The Two Survivals”-survival of the poet, in that the poet struggles to engage with the disorder to write a poem, and in the act of writing, “bring order to disorder.” The other survival is that of the reader, who connects with poems that “enter deeply into” him or her, leading to “sympathetic identification of reader with writer.” (Orr, 83-84)

" In poetry therapy with groups or individuals, poems are never edited. Editing belongs in a poetry-for-craft setting."


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


90 degrees is a hard angle


Demanding full attention

In philosophy we agree

To disagree


We speak


And square off


Lines drawn

Lightly in the sand



The war

I should have known

As my spirit plummeted

And my mood mourned

After that first year

Culminating with lucky

Bats' ammoniaed guano

Deposits thick as thugs

Or locusts of

disgruntled housewives

Weilding their lack

Of knowledge like

Dull swords rusted

From disuse

While daggers

Their tongues

Told razored lies

Weapons of spies

And cowards

We battled every inch

Of change

Until i lost


In the war


The magician made

Birds from dollar bills

His assistant wore a sari

Of secrets and silk

Knotted mysteriously

Tucked to bind securely

He spoke of Pisces

Commonbirths bred by

Beltane fires

And of Leos

More rare

Children of last hopes

Before winter's

Brewing despair

This magic man

Illusion drawn

From dreams

More real made memory

A singularity

Outside the realm

Of possibility

In a poorly lit life

Of scarcity


Night skulls

One bareboned face

Locked in horror

Eschewing grace

Repeated across

Reams of

Childhood dreams

The death years later

Wished on you

You died and died

And died

Until morning

When i saw you

I knew

You had long given up

The ghost

Simply suffering

The body as

Convenient host

As you communed

Until monsooned

In the blood

Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Bruised to pleasure

Women dreaming dreams

Their looking glass

Knowledge increases


When the city sleeps

The future and the maps

Hide something I was

Waiting for

Green roads to the forest

0ak, a host,


All things forget

Far below

Deeper sunniness

In the bottom of

My mind

I cannot find

The place

I am searching


Naked I go

Sore afraid

Through the darkness

I am the fear

That frightens me

A woman sings

Mystery of song

Strings remembrance

Heart of me weeps

Sages of absurdity

Worm content

Declining memories

Imagination's labyrinth

Translunar delirium

I took these words and phrases from random poems but don't know what came from where other than they werw in Six Centuries of Great Poetry. I haven't organized them but i like the way they fall together synchronistically. i think there's a poem here somewhere.