Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Bruised to pleasure

Women dreaming dreams

Their looking glass

Knowledge increases


When the city sleeps

The future and the maps

Hide something I was

Waiting for

Green roads to the forest

0ak, a host,


All things forget

Far below

Deeper sunniness

In the bottom of

My mind

I cannot find

The place

I am searching


Naked I go

Sore afraid

Through the darkness

I am the fear

That frightens me

A woman sings

Mystery of song

Strings remembrance

Heart of me weeps

Sages of absurdity

Worm content

Declining memories

Imagination's labyrinth

Translunar delirium

I took these words and phrases from random poems but don't know what came from where other than they werw in Six Centuries of Great Poetry. I haven't organized them but i like the way they fall together synchronistically. i think there's a poem here somewhere.