Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tad Williams OTHERLAND

KAABA !XABBU (Dream of a Black Stone)
devoid unchangeable yet simulated desire
warped and scrambled as an avatar (orator) to persona
anodyne filtering of the Other
complex disruption rationed claustrophobia
ritual journey framework
happy to drown but empty floats
callow yellow light infused water ecstatically
sleeping when nonexistence
goes going gone sluggish worshipers
microcosmic god a firefly's luring luminescence
an incomprehensible answer
god, not mystery, is dead.

The above is a bibliotherapeutic exercise, the words lifted from Williams' novel while reading, then combined in juxtaposition to create a kind of poem. My next step will be editing amalgamation for meaning. Or not, at any rate, the process has been started and I have creatively engaged with the text.

quotes from the the novel:

"...people believe things which can be measured are true things, and things which cannot be measured are untrue things. What I read of science makes it even more sad, for that is what people point to as a 'truth,' yet science itself seems to say that all we can hope to find are patterns in things. But if that is true, why is one way of explaining a pattern worse than others?"

"There was no discrimination between 'real' and 'unreal,' not at the most basic, instinctual levels of fear and desire and self-preservation."