Saturday, August 28, 2010

random sampling of Google Alerts on query BIBLIOTHERAPY

Ooooo, must re-visit:

academic: (free download/other site charges $30)

A bit off topic but is timely and might be a good resource for bibliotherapy:

Collection of links to pdf documents, many free but others link to pay site (bahumbug) still worth it for the links that deliver:

Interesting "docstoc" articles readable without download or with:

Hello...This is NOT bibliotherapy, this is biblio prophesy:

This on the other hand is a step in the right direction. I could see it on my library's web page:


The concept of bibliotherapy is becoming more widespread and socially acceptable as fact:

Focus on biographies and gifted kids:

Alfred Adler Institute:

Prose before prozac & book clubs as thereapy:

Confused idea of bibliotherapy but nice links to reader related sites:

Links to academic papers that probably requries $$, but could probably be found for free with a bit of searching. (Reminder to self to see what's worth digging up and posting.):

Asperger's syndrome recommendation for a book that is a strong case of reading as therapeutic approach: