Monday, February 22, 2010

OCD Readers Unite

I'm taking an online course in readers advisory that is work related for librarians. (Nothing like being the kid working in the candy store.) And, I introduced myself and this blog. The instructor commented that she like the concept of OCD readers and I had to reply:

"Believe me, it's more than a conceptual choice. I am quite literally unable to function without reading. The interesting thing I'm finding these days, is it's less book dependent that I once thought. Reading and writing online is satisfying some of the escapist compulsion for distraction. Without getting too metaphysical, I am beginning to think that most of what we do in our lives is invested in distracting ourselves from what is actually required to survive in the world and our nature as humans.

Hmmm, this could turn into a rant. Better save it for my readersanonymous blogging."

Which is what you are reading, if anyone out there is. Either way. The idea will be there later for further development. I welcome any thoughts on the mystical idea of distractions as a necessity for living. And, to get you going you might pick up some Marshall McLuhan. In Understanding Media, chapter 2 titled something about gadgets is what really kicked this home for me.