Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reader Response Theory Typology

5 types of Reader Response Theory

1. Transactional
     Louise Rosenblatt; Wolfgang Iser
     Transactional Reader Response Theory analyzes the transaction between the text and reader. Both are seen as equally important. A reader can take an efferent stance, based on determinant meanings in a text, or an aesthetic stance, based on determinant and indeterminacy of meanings.

2. Affective Stylistics
    Stanley Fish
Affective Stylistics Reader Response Theory examines a text in a slow motion format, in which each line is studied in order to determine how (stylistics) affects (affective) the reader in the process of reading.

3. Subjective
    David Bleich
    Subjective Reader Response Theory believes that the readers' responses are the text, and that all meaning of a text lies in the readers' interpretations.

4. Psychological
    Norman Holland
    Psychological Reader Response Theory analyzes what the readers' interpretations and responses reveal about the reader, not the text.

5. Social
    Stanley Fish Social Reader Response Theory believes that readers approach a text with interpretative strategies that are the products of the "interpretive communities" in which they belong.